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WOW! All eight of these 'glammed-up' beauties, sporting outrageously themed chapeaux, make a fascinating statement -- or two!  Each of the
Fascinations in this intriguing collection measures 10 x 10” and is seductively hand painted on 18 mesh white canvas. Plus, there are stitch guides for five of them. Are you fascinated yet?
All of our exquisite Historic Crosses measure 8 x 10" and are reverently hand painted on 18 mesh black canvas. Mix & match these bejeweled beauties with our original Classic
Cross collection, or display as a glammed-up solo statement.
We all love the holidays, and our Holiday Collection includes all your favorite year-round celebrations. 5" rounds, merrily hand painted on 18 mesh sandstone
canvas, with optional stitch guides by the incomparable Carolyn Taggart. Festive!
Our Oktoberfest collection includes eight tasty brews, each served up in its traditional glass along with snacks. All are 4 x 5" and tipsily hand painted on brown 18 mesh canvas.
Optional stitch guides are available for all. Skoal!
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About Our Web Site:

Our site is designed for retail needleart stores committed to selling the very best in hand painted needlepoint. See our latest designs, many of our other popular collections, and a sampling of our custom work. You'll be able to place your order online... and for shops that have not done business with us before, you'll be able to set up a new account online.

Leigh Designs does not sell directly to the general public. However, stitchers are invited to browse the designs in our Image Library and contact their favorite needlework retailers to place orders.


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