May & June, 2019

Miss Me?

Well, the ‘kerfuffle’ continues but is being addressed expertly and I’m doing nicely, thank you. Thank you to you Dear Hearts who have sent me cards and notes just loaded with good wishes. I read each and every one and have them displayed throughout our family room. I am truly blessed, thank you.

Enough of that, as other things have been going on, starting with the Orlando extravaganza! I did have many of you reporting back to me and it was indeed a ‘lollapalooza’ as evidenced from our show receipts. Now, let’s dish Orlando, shall we?


First shows are notoriously spotty, as we have seen through the decades. It takes a while for shows to get their ‘sea-legs’, with the hotel getting to know us, us getting to know them, finding our way around a new city and meshing with show management. From all indications, the first Orlando show had show management cordial and easy to work with and the hotel staff, from my sources, quick to respond to any concerns and going out of their way to make the weekend comfortable. Okay, one elevator broke down, but, all in all, everyone worked around the small inconvenience. This Embassy Suites is an old, smaller hotel, granted, albeit easy to reach from the airport, but it worked for the first show to cut our teeth on. Next year the show is scheduled to be at the brand spanking new, larger Embassy Suites not far from this year’s venue. The hotel, this year, was completely sold out!

Missy Gray and Vicky De Angelis, front, with the rest of the gang
at Norman's in the Ritz Carlton !

New designs galore along with a plethora of new products were presented by vendors, new stores abounded with fun events and the atmosphere was electric, especially after the first day of sales! I heard no one complain about sales; everyone seemed to do very well. It is important to remember how well this very first show went. As I say, first shows don’t necessarily sparkle as Orlando did first time out. We are on our way, my friends, and our deepest appreciation to Christine Kesten and her able staff, for working their tails off taking this show beautifully through completion without breaking a sweat! No one ‘knows what needlepointers want in a show better than needlepointers’ -- what a concept!


We presented our new Fascinations Collection in Orlando and they were tremendously well received. I must say, I had a great time putting these hats together and a lot of ‘day-dreaming’. You know, the sort of thing that would get my knuckles rapped in third grade! In this instance it resulted in eight avant-garde pieces of millinery, fit for a day at Ascot. I had a little fun naming the designs after various, and rather pertinent, songs and I found myself humming at the creation of each. We were very happy with your response to my efforts and should you care to revisit the collection. They are 10 x 10" and we have optional stitch guides for five of them.

Click to see the entire collection


It was announced at the Orlando Show that Needle Works, Austin, TX has found a buyer. The lucky ladies who are the new owners were introduced around the show floor by Colleen Church herself, who is, no doubt, now basking in well-deserved luxurious retirement.

Pete and his bride Juli Poitras celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by beetling off to Key West after the show. We were disappointed not to be able to join them as planned, but... next year, guys!

Warmest congratulations to Sherry Cody, daughter Bonnie and family for the birth of Bonnie’s son on April 13th. Weighing in at a strapping 7 lbs. 6 oz little Malcom made his appearance to the delight of us all. We can’t wait to meet him! Well done, Bonnie!

Summer is upon us and my thoughts have turned to my gardening. That and catching up on Game of Thrones, of course. I admit, it’s pretty raw fare for me, as a rule, but the story keeps me enthralled and moving ahead with expectation.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Father’s Day and an extra stein of beer in celebration!


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