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It's Christmas and the bar is open! Go ahead ~ have one and then another. No designated driver will be needed and no regrets!!! I'll start out with a Perfect Manhattan... What will you have?  All
eight of my 4 x 5" Christmas Cocktails are tipsily hand painted on 18 count dark green canvas and can be finished as ornaments or coasters.

Optional Stitch Guides are also available
for four of the Christmas Cocktails.

...is our design to benefit the American Heart Association next February. Available only to participating retail Needlework stores that hold a stitch-in or other event. Click here for more information.
These Lovely Autumn blossoms in their Halloween themed vases are not as they seem. Look again and watch your fingers m'dears... those colorful blooms are carniverous! All eight of my "Derangements"
designs are 6 x 10” and hungrily hand painted on 18 mesh Smoky-White canvas. Several stitch guides are also available.
It's All About Summer!  Artist Carla Bank delightfully shakes us out of our winter doldrums with her “Summer in the Park” series, now exclusively ours in needlepoint. A virtual cacophany of vibrant color, summer is
deliciously celebrated in this collection of six designs. Each 10 x 10” design is brightly painted on 18 mesh canvas... Sizzling!
Crown Jewels ~ the Brooches!  The Royals loved their brooches with these over-the-top bejeweled beauties adorning regal attire for centuries. Each can now be yours for a pittance!! Our collection of eight 6 x 6”
Brooches are majestically hand painted on 18 mesh French Blue canvas.  How grandiose!!
But wait, there's more...  Four more NEW designs of the jolly old fellow dipping his toes in the surf and sand rounds out our collection of eight Seashore Santas. All of our very collectible Santas are elegantly hand painted
on 18 mesh sandstone canvas and nicely sized at about 5 x 8”.  So Coastal!
Grab those teacups and mingle with the Royals! All 8 of the Crown Jewels collection are 10 x 10” and regally hand painted on 18 mesh French Blue canvas.
  Check out all of the above collections
and more on our New & Featured page.

About Our Web Site:

Our site is intended for retail needleart stores committed to selling the very best in hand painted needlepoint. See our latest designs, many of our other popular collections, and a sampling of our custom work. You'll be able to place your order online ... and for shops that have not done business with us before, you'll be able to set up a new account online.

Leigh Designs does not sell directly to the general public. However, stitchers are invited to browse the designs in our Image Library and contact their favorite needlework retailers to place orders.


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Updated: 11/08/16

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